Volunteers are vital to our work. Without them, we would not be able to fulfil our mission and many people would not know about the Scottish Bible Society. Just a small amount of your time can make a real difference in our work and we have a number of volunteering opportunities available.

General Volunteering

Our head office, Bible House in Edinburgh, is staffed by a number of talented individuals. From time to time, we need extra support and volunteers can help.

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Events Team

If you enjoy going to Christian events and chatting with people, you can make a difference by helping us to promote our work.

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SBS Speakers

Do you have a love for God’s Word and an enthusiasm to tell others about the impact the Bible has had in your life and in the life of others? Would you be excited to see a room full of people waiting to hear about the work of the Bible Society throughout the world?

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Church Representatives

Church Representatives make a difference by educating, communicating and motivating their own local congregations so that more people pray for and support the Scottish Bible Society.

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Action Groups

Action Groups form a vital network of support for our work, motivating people from churches in a community to pray, serve and give to the Scottish Bible Society.

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Bibleworld Mobile

Bibleworld Mobile is our interactive mobile classroom supporting schools in teaching Christianity as part of the Religious and Moral Education curriculum. Volunteers make it happen.

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Our Volunteers Stories

Jan Adams
Jan Adams
My first involvement as a volunteer with SBS was during The People's Bible project. I wasn't too sure what it would involve but was happy to volunteer because it grabbed my imagination. By the time my involvement came to an end, it had become one of the most exciting things I had ever been involved in! I was thrilled to be invited to continue as a volunteer helping in Bible House. I feel part of the team and, although God has moved me out of my 'comfort zone' in some of the tasks I've been involved in, it's always rewarding.
Joyce Clark
Joyce Clark
I started volunteering with SBS around 5 years ago, mainly helping with manual administrative tasks. As the needs have changed over the years, I now enter and update supporter information on the database using the computer. Since being involved at Bible House, I can see why the work that is done is so vital to being able to deliver the Bible message out there in Scotland and overseas. Everyone has something to offer and I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone.
Richard Woods
Richard Woods
After taking an interest in the work of SBS and visiting projects in Romania with our staff, Richard volunteered to speak on behalf of SBS. "It was such a privilege to see the work of the Bible Society in Romania and I now speak in churches across Scotland to tell them about the impact of Bible distribution. I find it exciting when churches pray for more people to receive God's Word and then people ask me 'What else can I do to help?' The answer includes pray, give, speak, go and see - in other words - volunteer!"
Brian Titchener
Brian Titchener
Bibleworld has been coming to Helensburgh each year for about 6 years. Many of the children come with low expectations but it's great to see their reaction when they first step on board and realise that this lesson is going to be interesting and enjoyable. As a volunteer, I've helped to setup Bibleworld and assisted with classes. It's always an enjoyable experience and if no-one worked in the rain to get the mobile classroom ready, the pupils would miss out on a wonderful opportunity to realise the Bible is exciting and challenging.