We know that getting the right information to the right people at the right time resulting in the right kind of action is a real challenge. We are also aware that because there are so many worthy causes and charities to support, promoting the Scottish Bible Society in your church is also a challenge!

But this particular challenge is certainly worth facing and doing something about… because it’s about the Bible!

As a Church Representative in your congregation, you will…

  • communicate news about Bible work at home and abroad;
  • assist in the distribution of Alive & Active – the magazine of the Scottish Bible Society – to your church;
  • educate about the Bible Society ministry around the world;
  • motivate people to pray for, serve and give to the Scottish Bible Society as well as all the other Bible Societies around the world!

You will be…

  • our main point of contact in your church;
  • responsible for finding the best ways to communicate our work and mission to your church members;
  • working to encourage prayerful support of our projects in Scotland and around the world;
  • sharing information on our projects and events in your area.

If you feel you can support our work as a Church Representative, please get in touch or complete the form.