Being on the Events Team means you are able to share your passion for the Bible and belief that everyone should have access to a Bible of their own.

The Scottish Bible Society attends a variety of events every year to promote our work. For example, a one day outdoor stall in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh or three weeks in a big tent at the Keswick Convention.

We go to different places and venues around the country with the aim of:

  • meeting our supporters and thanking them in person;
  • sharing our work with people who don’t know what we do;
  • inspiring people to support us in prayer and financial giving.

As part of the Events Team, you are…

  • Committed to the Bible;
  • Passionate about making the Word of God available around the world;
  • Someone who can openly share and articulate how the Bible has changed your life.

You will be…

  • Outgoing, warm and friendly;
  • Approachable and happy to talk to people who stop by our stand;
  • Happy to be on your feet for a few hours either indoors or outdoors.

If you want to join the pool of people that SBS can call upon when attending events, please get in touch or complete the form.